About Sentio Education

Education Marketing Agency that Delivers Results

Sentio Education is a leading education-marketing company that helps international schools and universities to recruit more students with digital marketing. Our strong commitment to serving students allows us to help international education professionals to increase their enrolment more efficiently.

At our core, we are story-tellers. We believe that every school is unique; every school has a unique identity and a unique selling proposition and our job is to find that unique identity and present it to prospective students in a deeply engaging way while explaining the school’s story.

We’re passionate about establishing a new way of thinking in education marketing & digital marketing. We know that digital marketing requires constant adaptation to an ever-changing education landscape. We are never satisfied with the status quo—we consistently employ intelligent strategies to create powerful campaigns that move the dial and yield exceptional results for you.

From conception through execution, we combine our problem-solving ingenuity and arsenal of cutting-edge tactics to create a strategy curated to your unique goals and audiences. We are not limited to a particular product, channel, or capability—we let the outcomes you need to determine the approach we take.


Our digital marketing services allow schools to attract more students through proven digital marketing methods. We develop innovative global marketing strategies, create compelling content, and employ state-of-the-art digital tools to attract, recruit, orient and retain international students.

Our web development and design services allow schools to have professional, affordable, and hassle-free websites that recruit students. Sentio Education makes it possible for every school to be found and tell their story online.

Our business development & partnerships services allow schools to create academic and strategic partnerships with educational bodies and private sector.​

Our student-focused portals offer relevant information, targeted tools, unique resources and valuable products for international students around the world, and our approach is validated with growing visitor numbers. All of our websites provide in-depth information and valuable tools to help empower students to make informed decisions on the programs and schools that are right for them.

Most digital marketing agencies do not focus on results. We do.


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Leading schools around the world choose and trust in Sentio Education

Our Team


Managing Director

Omer is the founder of Sentio Education. He oversees overall management tasks, strategic partnerships and further developing our products and services to help universities and schools to recruit more international students.

Omer is a former international student and international Education pro and a full-stack marketer and 8 years working experience in international education and marketing that he packed during his career in 5 different countries.


Head of Marketing

Eric is a marketing all-rounder with extensive experience in digital marketing across multiple industries. He has a history of working in different domains of digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), Content Strategy, and social media marketing (SMO) and a flavor of online paid advertising. 

Eric knows what it takes to recruit more students with digital marketing and he is driven by the mission of helping schools to hit their recruitment goals with digital marketing solutions.


Web and Graphic Designer

Sean considers himself a multidisciplinary designer since he has a bachelor’s degree in Information Design and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts.

He based his career on the knowledge that he got during these studies and applied it to creating attractive, affordable, and hassle-free websites that recruit students.


SEO Specialist

Tan originally joined Sentio Education as a data-entry specialist back when we were building our portals and now oversees the SEO tasks at Sentio Education.

His main objective is to maintain the ranking of all of our websites in the search engines and make sure that we follow all search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines.


Content Marketing Specialist

Melissa is a magician who turns words into stories for schools and universities. She has been writing since she was nine years old. She was published for the first time at nine after winning an international poetry competition.

Melissa went to school at the University of Georgia to study journalism, archaeology and linguistics. She has a masters in classics as well as in international business. 


Digital Marketing Specialist

Quang has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a distinction in Management. He is originally from Vietnam and the path of life brought him to Bulgaria, where he had the opportunity to join Sentio Education.

His goal in this position is to help universities and schools reach their student recruitment goals through digital marketing activities.


Marketing and Sales Officer

Stefano is a former international student (like most of Sentio Education team) and holds an MBA from University of Calabria, Italy.

His main responsibility within Sentio Education is helping us to expand our network of universities and schools in Europe.


Marketing and Business Development Officer

Peppino is a fresh business graduate and a new addition to Sentio Education’s business unit. 

His role at Sentio Education includes managing existing digital marketing projects and fostering relationships with universities and schools.


Marketing Intern

Thu is the new Marketing intern at Sentio Education. She already has two notches on her belt: a BA in Business and an MA in International Marketing. She joined our team to embark on a learning and working experience to hone her marketing skills and understand how to add value to a diverse marketing team.


Business Development Advisor

As Business Development Advisor, Charles brings 25+ years of business experience to Sentio Education and helps us to keep the ship sailing in the right direction.

Throughout his career, Charles has seen it all from branding to financial services. His main challenge now is to assure that Sentio Education’s marketing and business activities are as efficient as possible and deliver the expected results and helps us to get perfection with small touches.