100+ Ways
Recruit Students
with Digital Marketing

The student decision journey has moved online.

Here is a shocking figure; from a recent Google and Compete study;

7 in every 10 prospective students now search exclusively online for schools and programs.

 To truly compete in a global world, educational institutions must now incorporate digital activity as a standard part of their marketing and recruitment strategy. For a university wanting to truly go global, having an online presence is essential.

The key to successful student recruitment with digital marketing is to engage potential students in the right mindsets, on the right channels, and to enable them to experience all the great things your school has to offer.

 With these motivations and challenges in mind, Sentio Education offers its first edition of 100+ Ways to Recruit Students with Digital Marketing – A Bird’s-Eye View to Student Recruitment with Digital Marketing Tools and Channels

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What is Covered in the Book?

What are the 9 traction channels that schools use to recruit students with digital marketing?


How much schools and universities should budget for marketing activities?


What are the digital marketing activities with the quickest return of investment? What activities bring long-term gains? What activities are low-risk, long-term?


How can schools involve their current students and alumni in their digital marketing activities?


What do students look for when they first land on your schools website?


What are the alternative social media channels to reach an international audience?


36-pages, compact, nuggets of information.

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