How do Students decide to Attend Colleges Today?

Students have taken their decision about where to attend college online. It used to be that students would look at all the programs and then would decide where to go based on the campus, or the city, or other information. However now, it is the job of colleges and digital marketers to find ways to reach out to students now and help them make the right decision. Students are always online. A part of that constant online experience as well as the number of marketers that are using video to give students the virtual experience of what college would look like for them. Since 2012 there has been a huge amount of video that has been added to sites to bring people in. People are now looking at videos and making important decisions, sometimes opting not to visit a site at all.


One thing that is also very different now is that when you look at the student body, they are much different than they were even ten years ago. Students now fit every description except for the stereotypical college student. Sometimes life paths are different for students and those variations in paths have led to differences for many different students in the way they decide to go and when they go to school.


Now around 32% of all students are going to take a minimum of one class online and that means that the campus experience has changed forever. If there is an internet connection, it is possible for a student to make a classroom of any location. What that also means is that there are many students that are skipping the traditional experience altogether and are focusing on making sure that they can save more money.


College in the USA is very expensive, and it is not uncommon for the average student to graduate with a job that pays around 40,000 and be over 200,000 in debt. While that number may seem staggering it is much more common than you might expect. Ultimately what it adds up to is many students deciding not to go to college although almost every job out there will require education of a bachelor’s degree in order to get a job. So, what is the solution? How is it possible for a student to get a decent education and not come out of school hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt? Students can save money by looking abroad.


How Are Students Saving More Money in College?

The idea of looking abroad for education may have seemed like a dream in the past and yet now it is the solution of many students from the US and the UK who cannot afford the high premiums that are being charged for tuition. College has become the basic requirement of every white-collar job in the USA, but sources of funding and scholarships have continued to dry up.

College education in Europe is something that is not out of reach for almost any student. There are many schools all over the EU that provide amazing deals to students and allow them to study there regardless of nationality.  If more students were aware of these programs, there would be many more students who were heading abroad.


How Do International Students Choose a School?

When you think about global competition, it only seems as though it is a good idea to have some school competition. Why is it that students should limit themselves to only domestic opportunities when there is a whole group of schools out there that ensure that students find the right fit?

According to 67,000 students in 193 countries, here is an idea of what it is that students really want. These figures and facts came from the International Student Survey and comprise all the desires of students as they have reflected on how they are going to decide.

Here are the top 4 factors that drove students to pick an international school and what they were looking at to find the right fit.

  1. The Quality of the Instruction: Quality is one of the most important things that can bring international students. That is because students want to know that they are getting the education that they need at a great price. It must prepare them with the knowledge that they need an ensure that the instructor knows how to communicate with the student.
  2. The Best Outcomes for the Student: One of the other most important things that will drive a student to or away from a position is the experience itself. There needs to be an area of satisfaction for the student to love the experience and to have a very good opportunity at getting a great job. Students look at metrics to make sure that other students who went to the same school were able to find jobs.
  3. A Local Guide: If you have ever lived abroad in a foreign country, one thing that is very apparent is how out of place you can feel when you are there if you do not know any local people. For that reason, there are often local guides who work with students to help them and ensure that they know others who are local.
  4. Course Options: One of the largest and the most important things that will bring an international student to a school is the options of school choices that are out there for the student. If there are not a lot of options, the student will not choose that school. There are some degrees which the most sought after is will have the highest level of success as well as interest.

For students, understanding the options that are available to them today is super important for having a successful career. There has never been a better time than now to consider all the options for a well-rounded and affordable education abroad.