Web Development & Web Design for Schools and Universities

We create and maintain professional, affordable, and hassle-free websites that recruit students. Sentio Education makes it possible for every school to be found and tell their story online.

Why Schools and Universities Need Web Development & Web Design?

Your website is the online portal you share with the world that can make or break your school in minutes. If configured correctly, a website can bring new students as well as new leads daily. A well-designed school website offers prospective students a chance to learn about your school and to form a trusting relationship. In order to make that work however, a website must be sleek and professional. The average end user is not going to invest more than about 20-30 seconds on your site to find whatever it is that brought them there. As a school, a professional website with easy functionality is critical to your success.

In 2019, over half of the traffic on the web is mobile and that means that your website needs to function on every phone and tablet the same as it would on a website. Working with a talented web design firm can help you with the process of ensuring that you are always ahead of the curve keeping your end users happy. When students find your website easy to use, they will spend more time and will spend more money. The success of your schools’s reputation depends on the look and the functionality of your site.

Does your School Need an attractive, affordable, and hassle-free website?

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